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Covid-19 Hospitalization

The Alberta Government DOES NOT publicly post the definition of a covid hospitalization.

Why does this matter?

This is problematic because this metric is routinely used to justify actions, yet...the general public is completely unaware of what it actually means.

What is the definition?


...count includes anyone requiring hospital care who has tested positive...and/or where COVID-19 is a contributing cause to their hospitalization. If they acquire disease while in hospital, they are included as a hospitalized COVID case...

Alberta Health Services

The actual definition differs significantly from the publicly assumed meaning of someone actively fighting covid-19. In reality, we actually don't know who is and who isn't receiving covid-19 treatment.

The definitions have been provided by AHS. Since my first request in December 2020, the definition has altered slightly (removing a timeline for diagnosis).


Both emails are posted for your review.

If more people knew, would it alter the narrative when we hear "hospitalizations"?


Acute Care Capacity in 2020

Officials routinely used the threat of healthcare system collapse as the rationale for several questionable non-medical interventions. However, a careful look at AHS hospital data obtained under FOIP DOES NOT support this narrative.

Before the pandemic?  95%

January 2016 - February 2020

Avg. Acute Bed Utilization

During the pandemic?    88%

March 2020 - March 2021


ICU Capacity Questions

On May 04, 2021, the justification of the fourth wave of restrictions and business closures was to "protect the healthcare system." Why is there no variation in the case-to-hospitalization metrics over time?

Second wave capacities slightly above average?

A graph shared by the Alberta Government, intended to demonstrate the ICU capacity strain over the second wave, indicated a marginal increase over the three-year average.

This graph (Chart 2 - ICU Admissions) was formerly posted here. It has been replaced with Figure 19.

It should be noted that the dates in Fig. 19 are static with no ability to go back in time to evaluate the capacities.

Alberta COVID ICU Capacity

2020 ICU capacities the lowest in five years?

What happened to the plan to increase capacity?

During the April 08, 2020 update, the Government issued plans to increase the ICU capacity by 1,081 beds. The slide deck from this presentation is here. Slide 22.

Hospital plans.png

No Consistency in Hospital Figures

There is ZERO correlation between the daily briefing of current hospitalizations and the values tallied within the Total Hospitalization Table For example:

February 14

356 current hospitalizations

58 current ICU

5,679 total hospitalization count

924 total ICU count

February 15

365 current hospitalizations (+9)

56 current ICU (-2)

5,701 total hospitalization count (+22)

925 total ICU count (+1)

February 16

370 current hospitalizations (+5)

60 current ICU (+4)

5,727 total hospitalization count (+26)

930 total ICU count (+5)

February 17

362 current hospitalizations (-8)

55 current ICU (-5)

5,745 total hospitalization count (+18)

935 total ICU count (+5)

February 18

352 current hospitalizations (-10)

55 current ICU (--)

5,758 total hospitalization count (+13)

935 total ICU count (--)

February 19

336 current hospitalizations (-16)

51 current ICU (-4)

5,774 total hospitalization count (+16)

939 total ICU count (+4)

February 20

321 current hospitalizations (-15)

53 current ICU (-2)

5,787 total hospitalization count (+13)

939 total ICU count (--)

February 21

324 current hospitalizations (+3)

53 current ICU (--)

5,800 total hospitalization count (+13)

942 total ICU count (+3)

Does the math add up?

Current hospitalizations: Increased by 17 during the week, yet 121 was added to the totals.

Current ICU: Increased by 04 during the week and 18 was added to the total count.

Does this mean at least 104 people spent less than a day in the hospital? Or that at least 14 people spent less than a day in the ICU?

This same inconsistency exists today - watch the reports and compare for yourself.

Highlights are here. and the Total Counts are here.