COVID Deaths

In each update, the CMOH provides a grim statistic of reported deaths within the last 24-hours. Her wording can imply that these deaths occurred yesterday.

This report is misleading.

The keywords are "reported to." There is no timeline of death provided.


It is only when it was reported to AHS. This number is often used to generate hype and incorrectly declare these events all tragically occurring in the last 24-hours.

September 15 speech @ 26:30 Dr. Hinshaw says

".. I do want to pass on my condolences to the loved ones of the 24 people whose deaths were reported to Alberta Health in the last 24 hours.

Let me pause there. That is one person’s life lost for every hour of the day. Every death is a reminder of the seriousness of this virus and why these actions that are being taken today are so critical."

What does the government data say?

Extracting the government case data, up to end of day September 16, 2021, there are currently only four deaths officially recorded between September 14 and 15th.

Further extracting the data on September 20, 2021, indicates only seven deaths for September 14 and 15th. The 24 hours before the announcement, September 14th only indicates three deaths, even after almost nearly a week since the announcement.


Deena's statement grossly misleads the public. It is inconceivable that a medical professional of her stature could casually announce 24 deaths in a single grouping without any disclaimer or context, and not expect people to react.

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Another Example

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Using the same data, we can see that the CMOH reports significant death amounts while the government data only confirms seven deaths during the period. 

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