Sector Specific Data

The Alberta Government never released any data to substantiate their attack on business and the economy. Similar to the "date" for the retraction of restrictions in 2021, there has been no transparency or evidence to support any of their decisions.

Where is the sector-specific transmission data?

With the May 04, 2021 imposed personal restrictions and business closures, there was no publicly available transmission data to justify the actions. In the prosecution of their Health Orders, the Government admits to not having evidence available to put before the courts to justify their position.

To date, no data has been provided to validate the measures.

Only excuses and deflection. The following timeline is an example of this.

Dec 12.

"While nobody wants to temporarily close down businesses, the Government’s decision was made based on the best scientific advice from health experts on what was required to preserve the healthcare system during a time of rising cases,"

 Christine Myatt, press secretary for Jason Kenney's office

CTV News | December 12, 2020

UCP MLA appeals to Kenney and cabinet to keep gyms, hair salons and massage therapists open

Jan. 14

"Personal wellness business may reopen by appointment only…now we have made these decisions very carefully…these measures were eased based on the expertise and the advice of our Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Hinshaw."

 Tyler Shandro - Health Minister

January 14, 2021 Alberta Update Covid-19

Jan. 20

Kevin Nimmock CTV Calgary – "Why isn’t sector-specific data available to the public and wouldn’t it be easier for you to justify restrictions if people knew the reasoning behind your decisions for things like keeping gyms closed and restaurants?"

"We have had the request for sector-specific data frequently and we are working to put together a summary…we will be making that available when it is complete in the coming weeks."


Deena Hinshaw 

January 20, 2021 Alberta Update Covid-19

Mar. 17

Julia Wong Global News – “...I also wanted to follow up about sector-specific transmission data...where exactly do things stand in where cases are being transmitted and when can we expect the full data to be released?

"We have been working with our analytics team on that as well as many other pieces of work that need to be done...anywhere where someone is infectious and people are not distanced and masked there’s an opportunity for spread…when we let our guard down COVID spreads.”


Deena Hinshaw 

March 17, 2021 Alberta Update Covid-19

Mar. 26

"There is no word on when sector-specific transmission data will be released Alberta Health said, in response to an inquiry about a timeline Thursday, that work is underway."

Apr. 16

"The government will not be required to produce scientific evidence in support of Dr. Hinshaw’s orders. Government lawyers told the Court that the Alberta Government could not produce any scientific evidence in support of Dr. Hinshaw’s orders in time for the May 3 trial."

Court permits Government to avoid producing Dr. Hinshaw’s evidence

Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms | April 16, 2021

Apr. 27

"There is no one source or sector that is driving this spread that we’re seeing. It would be simpler if there were just one cause.  Instead, the virus is spreading through all of us, and the many in-person get-togethers...that is why public health measures are in place for a wide range of sectors and why we all must continue to limit in-person interactions as much as possible."

Deena Hinshaw - Chief Medical Officer of Health

Alberta Update on COVID-19 | April 27, 2021

May 06

"Cases have risen to the point that we cannot simply target one sector or group. Whether it is social gatherings, faith services, aesthetics locations or fitness classes – each activity involves Albertans mingling in person, and risks exposure to the virus."

Deena Hinshaw - Chief Medical Officer of Health

Alberta Update on COVID-19 | May 06, 2021

May 09

"In a statement Friday, Alberta Health spokesperson Tom McMillan said the ministry doesn’t have a breakdown by sector of viral transmission, so couldn’t provide data on the spread of COVID-19 in settings like hair salons...McMillan said the decisions on restrictions were made based on “14 months of evidence in Alberta, across Canada and around the world.”